Плиткоріз радіальний

TE-TC 920 UL
  • Extra-long cutting length
  • Robust folding base frame with latching function
  • Transport wheels and transport handle
  • Height-adjustable foot
  • Pump with dirt trap and washable filter mats
  • Integrated filter for removing fine metal particles
  • Large work table with non-slip rubber support
  • 2 additional work tables for widening the work table surface
  • Solid water collection tank made of sheet steel
  • Angle stop adjustable to the degree
  • Laser as optical cutting aid
  • Motor guide with 6 ball bearings
  • Infinitely adjustable angle from 0 to 45°
  • Turbo diamond cutting wheel with water supply system
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The TE-TC 920 UL radial tile cutting machine from Einhell is an ideal partner for projects around the house: from extensions, conversions and major restorations to the renovation of single rooms, hobby areas or creativity workshops. A tile cutter is indispensable on all such jobs around the house: there's always something that needs cutting, be it wall and floor tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, the area around an oven, the laundry room or the boiler room. Fitted with the right cutting disk for the material in question, this radial tile cutter will cut through wall tiles, floor tiles and even fired stoneware effortlessly, exactly and without any dust nuisance. The radial tile cutting machine from Einhell is designed to cope with the extra long cutting lengths required by today's large-scale tiles. A laser provides optical help during cutting. The motor guide with its six ball bearings ensures high performance for a smooth cut. Exact edge guidance is a job for the angle stop which can be adjusted precisely to the degree and provides the necessary stability for miter cuts and double-miter cuts. The motor can be swiveled by up to 45° degrees and a turbo-diamond cutting disk with water supply system are already fitted. The water pump comes with a dirt trap and washable filter mats to keep away large splinters and solid particles. For additional protection of the pump there is also an integrated filter for removing fine metal particles. The solid water collection tank is made of sheet steel. For support, the tile cutter is mounted on a rugged folding chassis with latching function. The height-adjustable base can be adjusted to a comfortable working height. The large work table with non-slip rubber surface already offers enough work space for smaller jobs. For major assignments there are two additional work tables for widening the work area. Robust transport wheels and a handle let you maneuver the cutting area with ease.

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