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TC-SM 2531/1 U
  • Base frame for stable stand and comfortable working height (85cm)
  • The included laser makes quick and exact cuts possible
  • Turntable with precise angle setting for angular cuts
  • Saw head tilts to the left for mitre cutting
  • Drag function for wide work pieces
  • High-quality HW saw blade
  • Workpiece support on both sides
  • All scales are perfectly visible from the working position
  • Clamping device for holding the workpiece securely in position
  • Includes sawdust bag for a clean working area
  • Spindle lock for easy blade change
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The TC-SM 2531/1 U crosscut and mitre saw combines user-friendliness with precision on crosscuts and mitre cuts in workpieces made of wood, laminated panels and plastics. The high-quality turntable comes with an exact angle adjustment facility that can be latched single handedly in various positions. The precision saw blade achieves outstanding sawing results. With a saw head that tilts to the left, the TC-SM 2531/1 U crosscut and miter saw allows miters and chamfers to be made at a wide range of angles. Supports for the sawing of long workpieces and the solid design of the clamping device ensure that the workpiece is held securely in position. The sawdust bag keeps the workplace to be kept clean and a transport brace ensures easy, safe transport.

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