Пила торцева з верхнім циркулярним столом

TC-MS 3017 T
  • Високоякісний ріжучий диск
  • Регульований кутовий і паралельний упор
  • Ріжуча голова може нахилятись вліво на 45° для кутових різів
  • Затискач для надійного тримання заготовок
  • Конектор для видалення пилу (36 мм)
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The Einhell TC-MS 3017 T crosscut and miter saw with table is an efficient and versatile unit for workshops and hobby areas. With 2000 watts of power and a brisk speed of 4200 rpm it works its way with vigor and precision through materials such as wood, coated panels and plastics. A set of 40 precisely machined teeth enables the blade to cut through the workpieces cleanly and exactly at any angle. At 90 degrees the maximum cutting height is 55 millimeters. The saw blade is carbide-tipped and has a diameter of 30 mm times 305 mm. Both the cross stop and the parallel stop are infinitely adjustable. This same option is also provided on the turntable which can be used for infinitely variable crosscutting. In addition, the table of this crosscut and miter saw can be infinitely adjusted for operation as a bench-type circular saw. Used as a crosscut saw, the saw head can be infinitely tilted by up to 45 degrees to the left. Workpiece supports are provided on both sides for long workpieces. Dust extraction for a clean workplace is also possible. A 36-mm connector is provided for this purpose.

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