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GC-EH 6055/1
  • Низька вага для зручної роботи
  • Рукоятка з м'якою накладкою
  • Аварійний вимикач Вкл/Викл
  • Додаткова рукоятка для оптимальної роботи
  • Великий щит для захисту рук
  • Алюмінієва кришка захисту ножів
  • Леза виготовлені з обробленої лазером та покритої алмазом сталі
  • Металевий редуктор забезпечує довгий термін служби
  • Кожух для збору обрізків
  • Кабельний зажим
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Додаткова інформація до GC-EH 6055/1 (Арт. 3403320)


The Einhell GC-EH 6055/1 electric hedge trimmer makes light work of trimming hedges, shrubs and bushes. With a cutter rail length of 61 centimeters and a cutting length of 550 millimeters it is a high-quality, powerful helper for reliably achieving the desired shape every time thanks to its powerful 600 W rating. The Einhell GC-EH 6055/1 electric hedge trimmer has a no-load speed of 1,700/minute with a tooth spacing of 26 millimeters. The cutters made of laser-cut and diamond-ground steel are designed for precision and durability. For a long service life the hedge trimmer is equipped with metal gearing. The additional handle provides optimum ergonomics and a secure and sturdy hold whatever the cutting angle. The hedge trimmer is equipped with a two-handed ON/OFF safety switch and a Softgrip, and it is also comfortable to handle thanks to its low weight. The Einhell GC-EH 6055/1 electric hedge trimmer is also equipped with a large hand guard and an aluminium cover over the cutters. The strain-relief clip is also provided for additional safety during use. Convenient removal of the cuttings from the top of the hedge when trimming hedges is ensured thanks to the practical cuttings collector.

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