Пилосос для сухого і вологого прибирання

TC-VC 1820 SA
  • 20л бак з нержавіючої сталі
  • 4 ролика для пересування
  • Ручка для переноски і тримач для кабелю
  • Розетка з функцією автоматичного відключення з затримкою в 5 сек.
  • Адаптер воздуходува
  • Тримач для аксессуаров
  • 3 подовжувальних труби 36 мм
  • Всмоктуючий шланг 1.5м 36 мм
  • Широка усмоктувальна насадка
  • Насадка для вузьких щілин
  • 1 мішок для пилу
  • Поролоновий фільтр для вологого прибирання
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Додаткова інформація до TC-VC 1820 SA (Арт. 2342425)


The Einhell TC-VC 1820 SA wet & dry vac is an indispensable helper for cleaning and vacuum cleaning. It has virtually no end of potential uses. Thanks to its suction performance and flexibility it can be used in the workshed, garage and basement just as well as in the home or car. With a power rating of 1,250 W, the powerful wet & dry vac cleans right to the very tips of the fibers. The dirt is collected in a rust-proof 20 liter stainless steel tank. For mobility it has four castors. Practical features include the carry handle and cable holder. It also has an automatic device socket for a wider range of options. Equipped with a 3-piece plastic suction tube and a suction hose of 36 millimeters in diameter and 150 centimeters in length, the wet & dry vac is a reliable helper that can be counted on not to shy away from either floors, glazed tiles, tiles or carpets. This is because it is equipped with a large suction nozzle with a combination insert for wet and dry vacuuming of floors and a crevice nozzle, and there is also a blow connector as well. There is also an integrated, space-saving holder for accessories. The product also comes complete with a dirt collector bag and a foam filter for wet vacuuming.

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