Насос для чистої води

GC-SP 3580 LL
  • Low level submersible up to 1 mm residual water level
  • Starting of pump from water level of 8 mm already possible
  • Infinitely variable floating switch
  • With integrated non-return valve
  • Carry-handle
  • Cable rewind
  • High-quality mechanical seal for a long service life
  • Connector for 25 mm / 32mm hoses + G1 male thread (33.3 mm)
  • 90° angle G 1½" male thread x G 1½" male thread (47.8 mm)
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The GC-SP 3580 LL submersible pump from Einhell is a powerful and robust solution for home owners and hobby gardeners who are looking for a high-quality and dynamic clean water pump for intensive applications. With a maximum delivery rate of 8000 liters per hour, this 350 W submersible pump impresses by its high performance: Water is emptied from swimming pools, rain barrels and flooded cellars in next to no time. Comprehensive technical features together with user-friendliness and flexibility in use make this submersible pump a multi-talent: Unlike many standard pumps, which require at least 5 centimeters of water to start the pump, this clean water pump from Einhell for shallow water needs just 8 millimeters to get the pump impeller to start working. From this minimum depth the powerful pump will help you to dry out your cellar or empty your swimming pool. A residual water layer of as little as one millimeter is all that will be left on a flat bottom that can then be wiped dry. A high-quality mechanical seal contributes to a long service life of the pump, even on tough and prolonged assignments. Using an infinitely variable float switch, the pump can be switched on and off automatically as the water level changes. An integrated non-return valve prevents return flow when the pump is switched off. A practical cable winder and a sturdy integrated handle make it easy to move and store this submersible pump. The submersible pump has a 90° / 47.8 mm (1 1/2") male thread connector as well as a connector for 25/38 mm hoses and a 33.3 mm (1") male thread.

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