Акумуляторний шуруповерт

TC-CD 18/35 Li (1x1,5 Ah)
  • Інструмент серії Power X-Change
  • Електронне регулювання швидкості обертання
  • Li-ion акумуляторна технологія без саморазряду
  • LED підсвічування для освітлення робочої зони
  • Ергономічні м'які накладки на корпусі для комфортної роботи
  • Поставляється з одним 1.5 Аг акумулятором і зарядним пристроєм
  • Поставляється в картонній коробці
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The Einhell TC-CD 18/35 Li (1x1.5 Ah) cordless drill/screwdriver is a popular assistant for all jobs around the home, workshop or garage and is a member of the innovative Power X-Change family. PXC rechargeable batteries can be used in every device from the garden and tools ranges of the innovative lithium-ion system series. For powerful drilling and screwdriving with flexibility and without the need for a power socket, the lithium-ion technology with zero self-discharge means that the cordless drill/screwdriver is ready for action at all times. With torque of 35 Nm and 21 torque settings, the electronic speed control ensures that the tool can be adjusted to the particular material and application. The drill chuck (10 mm) enables the matching accessories to be fitted with just a twist of the wrist. For optimum operation in dark or hard-to-reach areas as well there is LED lighting, which provides perfect visibility of the work area at all times. Comfortable operation is ensured by the ergonomic design and the softgrip, which are designed with exceptionally easy handling and a firm and secure grip in mind. Complete with one 1.5 Ah PXC rechargeable battery and the one-hour charger. The product is supplied in a practical storage box.

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